Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Connecting OAC DV & DVD to OAC Essbase

I have seen a lot of users asking about how to setup connectivity from Oracle Data Visualization Desktop with OAC Essbase. In this post we will see how users can setup that connection. Contrary to the belief that additional ports needs to be opened for connectivity from DVD client to OAC Essbase, is not true. OAC Essbase recently included ESSNet over HTTP(S), which does not require additional ports opening.(Details here)

In order to connect to OAC Essbase from DVD, what we need is the "Agent Discovery URL". This can be obtained easily. From the URL that you use to connect to OAC Essbase Web UI, which could be one of the following:


the Agent discovery URL in such cases would be:


Now, while defining a connection to OAC Essbase from DVD, for the DSN in the connection definition you use the same Agent discovery URL as shown below:

The Username and Password are the same that you use to access OAC Essbase.

Once the connection is created, you can proceed towards creating a dataset and move on to creating projects with OAC Essbase Cube as a data source for analysis.

Click Add and Create Project to start analysis.

Establishing connectivity from OAC DV to OAC Essbase would follow the exact same procedure.
That's it for now.


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