Monday, December 10, 2018

Why Essbase?

Recently I had a chance to meet Jim Dorian and Bob Earle, the original founders of Essbase.  We met at the 25th birthday party for Essbase ... it has been 25 years since Arbor Soft went public.  This motivated me to produce this video to re-enforce the great features of Essbase, which is going very strong in cloud and on-premise and has a strong following among customers and partners.

I talk about the foundations needed in any Analytic Engine and why Essbase is well suited and best data structure for an analytic database. This talk could have been given 30 years back by the original founders.  We have been continuing to improve the aggregation and calculations capabilities and the scale at which we operate. Also, our focus has been on the cloud to provide this wonderful software on the cloud.

Please stay tuned for my next presentation coming soon which will talk about "20 reasons to consider Essbase in cloud".

Here is the link to the video of "Why Essbase?":

Here are some pictures from 25th birthday party for Essbase:


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