Sunday, March 3, 2019

Announcing Layouts, Reports and Impersonation in OAC - Essbase

In this post, I am going to explain what are the layouts, reports in the Essbase Analyze UI and how that will help the users to view and export the data in few clicks.

This feature is only introduced in the web UI but soon will be part of the SmartView as well.

Layouts are nothing but the saved grids or bookmarked grids. SmartView is great and it allows to zoom in, zoom out and type to view the data required. When we work on the same or few grids again and again, every time launching SmartView and navigating by clicking ad-hoc buttons does not make any sense. It not only waste users time but also waste the resources on server to compute various operations.

Layouts are introduced to address this problem and save the grid as we go and navigate so that can be viewed anytime.

Reports are nothing but saved MDX queries but will be extended to data source queries as well. It would be interesting to join the MDX query with any relational or files data and view that to get what we need. For now, you can type the MDX queries and save them and run anytime. You can export the result into various formats as well like Excel, CSV, HTML and JSON.

You can run these reports as other user too just to make sure security filters are applied correctly on that user. You have to be system administrator to use impersonation.

Lets dive and see them in details:
1. Click on Analyze data on applications page - > Cube actions
2. You see the default grid.
3. Do some operations and close the browser tab.
4. repeat 1
5. Now you see the report you built in step #3. Its called session layout so system is smart enough to save your last navigated stuff.

If you are a DB manager, you can mark the layout as database default. Once you mark it, every user will see the same on launch unless they have their own default layout.

So algorithm is simple:
1. Looks for my default
2. if not #1, Looks for DB default
3. if not #2, Looks for Session
4. if not #3, Default grid

Here are the few screens:

All the REST apis can be impersonated provided that login user is System administrator.
Just add the X-Essbase-LoginAs header in REST call.

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  1. Can't wait for it to be in smart view and for impersonation to be in layouts. Impersonation in layouts will help greatly for testing security without creating a bunch of dummy test users