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Company profile:

Dongguan public Wang printing and Packaging Company Limited was founded in 2001, is located in Dongguan City, Shijing East Mulberry Industrial Zone, covers an area of 15000 square meters, development has become the multiparty portfolio of large joint-stock enterprises, after many years of development has become the printing industry products diversified manufacturer.

Division I printed a variety of color card boxes, pit boxes, cartons, boxes, transparent film and metal film box, window film boxes, children's books, brochures, senior paper boxes, stationery portfolio, puzzle combinations, such as color card paper and film printing, and with the number of post processing of surface treatment equipment, including local UV light / matte, oil, bronzing, silk screen flash powder, another professional self-adhesive production line, electronic nameplate and insulation molding production line, greatly enhance the customer of the uniqueness of the product and competition ability.

Production equipment:

The company has the world's most advanced German " Heidelberg ", " Roland " and Japanese " KOMORI " printing machine, cloth marked all wheel turnaround, CN2850DL CNC automatic trademark printing with ( capable of double face and the two printing ), UV etc. multiple printing equipment. From small to large, from monochrome to color. The company has perfect after the road equipment ( printer, paper cutter, binding machines, automatic beer machine, automatic laminating machine, automatic sealing machine, automatic paste box machine, automatic manual box molding machine ) and so on.

Enterprise culture:

1, enterprise spirit: honesty, pragmatic innovation

2, management principles: people-oriented, the implementation of talent strategy and modern enterprise management mode

3, business philosophy: to provide successful products and services

4, business purpose: to show the quality of survival, integrity and development

5, service purpose: to provide customers with high quality, rapid and comprehensive printing services

In 6, the service concept: sincere cooperation, achieve a win-win situation

Our mission is to create a comprehensive partnership, and to provide customers with the most favorable, quality products and services, and to conclude the long-term strategy.

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