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1 price advantage.

Using numerous flourishing printing scale centralized production resources, all products are in accordance with the professional production line production costing quotation, different from the single printing enterprises on the orders in accordance with its own production line production cost means of accounting for price which lead to the wasting of resources and offer virtual height; scale mass group purchase of raw materials, reducing the cost of raw materials the unified arrangements, production, make-up printing, N order split the printing costs, reduce the cost of printing, the Internet instead of the traditional business mode, reduce business marketing costs, comprehensive reduce 35% printing quote.

2 quality advantages.

Using numerous flourishing printing chain scale centralized production resources, unified procurement of raw materials from the manufacturer, to ensure consistent quality raw materials, specializing in the production of production line of professional products, high efficiency and reduce production losses, printing chain all members to strictly abide by the iso--90001 production management requirements in the production of fine print, raw materials, production line, before storage three quality inspection, never let the defective print factory.

3 advantages in management.

Numerous flourishing printing perfect place an order online system combined with the independent development of the production system, allows customers to place an order at the same time according to different kinds of orders automatically arrange printing equipment, automatic production of raw materials procurement, production orders, invoices and a series of documents, only the artificial auxiliary can, improve work efficiency and reduce labor costs; each order will automatically generate a single bar code, finish each procedure by the department supervisor timely barcode scanning into the orders and production system, the convenience of customers and TetraMin dispatch department to keep track of orders the production schedule, reasonable arrangements for the production time, until the order storage scan the barcode automatically sending mobile phone short message to inform the client of the cargo has been done, ready to be shipped.

4 delivery advantage

Using numerous flourishing printing chain scale centralized production resources, unified allocate production line, science arranges order first time on-line production, avoids the single printing enterprises because of force majeure caused the production line shutdown delay in delivery, fast, efficient, flexible production mode of combination of logistics network throughout the country, with the fastest the speed of the exquisite and elegant prints appear to you before, ready to be shipped.

5 equipment.

The company has the world's most advanced German " Heidelberg ", " Roland " and Japanese " KOMORI " printing machine, cloth marked all wheel turnaround, CN2850DL CNC automatic trademark printing with ( capable of double face and the two printing ), UV etc. multiple printing equipment. From small to large, from monochrome to color. The company has perfect after the road equipment ( printer, paper cutter, binding machines, automatic beer machine, automatic laminating machine, automatic sealing machine, automatic paste box machine, automatic manual box molding machine ) and so on.

6 advantage of procurement

Raw material procurement, unified quality standards, unified distribution, unified arrangement of manpower capital of the "four reunification " of management principles. Company strict implementation of the " three people recorded " inspection system, all kinds of raw materials have a strict inspection standards, ensure the safety of raw materials. Have a sound internal quality management system, strictly enforce the " daily raw material inspection and sample test sample " system. Relying on numerous flourishing printing chain daily average demand of raw materials about 1000000 yuan market scale, the group of procurement, the source of procurement and cash to purchase way, reduce intermediate links, and the use of supervision, competition mechanism and standardize the company's purchasing process, make the purchase cost of 8-10%, to the same price to provide customers with more for high-quality and rich feedback.

7 service guarantee

Chung Mong people know very well that you give us the order and the survival of the profits, is our future happy life security, but not consult your troubles, spend money to buy a lot of trouble, we always adhere to all the problems solved by Chung Mong people, never any problem thrown to you to complete.

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